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  • “When One Has Tasted Watermelon, He Knows What Angels Eat” Mark Twain
    2014-07-02 19:39:40 Posted By Needlepoint Inc.

    We wish everyone a happy and relaxed 4th!



    While watermelon is always healthy and delicious; I find hand-work invaluable in preventing total loss of dignity when in proximity to a bowl of potato salad.  So thank you needlepoint for helping me keep my hands to myself and away from starchy-carbs covered in mayonaise YUM!

  • Janet Perry’s BARGELLO Class on March 1, 2014
    2014-01-18 18:57:56 Posted By admin

    Thank you Janet for your wonderful and informative Bargello stitch class. The classic Bargello Stitch has so many pleasing and creative applications.

    You can find Janet Perry here

    As my Aunt Patsy always says, “Nothing is more fun than a bowl full of Bargello”

    2014-01-04 20:04:06 Posted By admin

    Please join us for a special event at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island from July 20 to July 24th.  We will be posting pictures of the special project being designed for this occasion.  Please check back in a couple of weeks for further updates.  To book your room, please use the Grand Hotel Website (www.grandhotel.com).  We hope to see you there.

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