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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my needlepoint canvas finished?

Either bring it in to our store or mail it to us (326 Jackson Street, San Francisco, CA 94111)

Is there a cutoff date for Christmas finishing?

Yes please contact the store for finishing cutoffs (800) 345-1622. 

Do I need to send any instructions?

You don't have to but instructions are helpful. If you have any ideas about how you'd like the piece finished or if there are any fabrics you have that you'd like to use please include in your package to us.

Is there anything else I should send?

It's always a good idea to send along a few threads. That way, if you missed a hole we can fill it in for you.

When can I expect my piece to be finished?

Generally 2-4 weeks, but certain times of the year (like right before the holidays) we are slammed and might take a bit longer.

How much does finishing cost?

Call the store to get a quote on your piece 1-800-345-1622.

Can I see examples of finishing you've done before?

Of course! Take a look at our finishing gallery.